Coaching builds awareness, empowers choice and lead to change in a positive way.

As coach I can help you to get insight in your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. And create awareness of your behaviour and it effects on yourself and on others.

Themes I often see:

  • mental resilience
  • balance
  • assertiveness
  • stressmanagement
  • personal developement, – effectiveness
  • burn out / bore out

Questions and objectives could for example be:

  • Create clarity on personal and professional development; which possible opportunities excite me, what are my strenghts and how can I make optimal use of these strenghts
  • How can I manage my time and attention better (at work), how can I create more focus
  • Learn to focus on what I can influence and let go of what I can’t
  • Learn to create the right work-life balance for me
  • learn to recognize and set my boundaries, prioritize myself more
  • Learn to better cope with stress
  • Learn to let go of the thoughts who I must be, and start to live my imperfect perfect life

How it works:

During the free introduction session you can ask me questions. We discuss your objectives, my coachingmethodes – and if it feels right for you- we plan the first session. New sessions can be scheduled together, but you can also book your next session via the online agenda.

A session takes about 60 minutes and an average coachingprogram will take about 5 sessions.

The sessions can be held face-to-face (informal in my small practice, at your workplace, outside), or online. I can coach you wherever you are in the world.