Welcome! I’m Natasha, empathic, positive and creative.

People can run (every now and then) into certain problems and the best way to deal with it may vary per person and situation. During the coaching I look at what works for you. You are unique and so your coaching should be too. During the coaching I use different elements e.g.: Positive Psychology, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, (Self)Compassion and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). And I use different coaching techniques suitable for you.

My way of coaching is to give you more insight into who you are, what you want  and what you can do. You are able to work and live more consciously and make choices that fit your wishes and motives.

Clients experience my guidance as practical and very helpful. Both in creating changes on an inner level and in the outside world. People quickly feel at ease with me. You will notice that you feel ‘lighter’ after the session and that you have practical tools to continue.

I can coach you face-to-face, on location and online, so I can coach you wherever you are.